How To Deal With Betta Fish Diseases

Big Cichlids

This disease is where your Betta fish will have a hole on its head. You have to make sure this does not happen to your Betta fish. Early detection is very crucial because the longer the disease stays, the more likely it is going to kill your fish. You can also consider having a wall mounted fish tank to keep a better check on your fish.

When you spotted this kind of symptom on your Betta fish, you can take care of your Betta Fish  and treat the disease by increasing the temperature of the water to 36 degree Celsius for around 10 days. And make sure you increase the aeration to keep the oxygen level up.

You can also use Metronidazole to treat this disease or just combine the use of this medicine with increase temperature for better effectiveness. Metronidazole should be administered orally. You can soak your Betta fish food into Metronidazole before you feed them.

Gill Fluke

This is a very common Betta fish disease that you will encounter. Gill fluke is external parasites that will destroy the gills of your Betta fish, causing it to have heavy breathing and irregular swimming. The affected fish can become totally paralyzed and can sink down to the bottom of the tank.

You can cure this disease by using formalin. This disease or parasites will spawn and infect other Betta fish or other fish in the tank. Hence, make sure you cure it as soon as possible when you suspect your Betta fish has been infected.

Internal Parasites

Common symptoms of internal parasite infections include emaciation and white feces. Although some of the internal parasites may infect your Betta fish but still posing no threat to it, the disease may grow uncontrollably.

What you have to do is to use Metronidazole to clear the problems out. You can also use other type of fish medicine if it is the right cure.

Keep Your Betta Fish Disease Free

Most of the Betta Fish diseases can be prevented by the regular change of water, a clean diet and quarantine methods. However, when you spotted any symptom or your Betta fish has become sick, you should take immediate action to cure it.